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Meet Herman

The Turkish Van
Kimberley Koz born in Richmond, Kentucky

Ten months old, starving, his baby-fine hair destroyed by tree sap and hardened into a turtle shell down to his skin, Herman blew into my life during a blizzard. He inspired me with his sweet personality, strong-will to adapt to his new life, and his amazing social interaction with total strangers. Twelve years later, he continues to inspires me, literally as he is my writer's muse. He goes with me to booksignings, and will have his own book out this fall. Herm loves to travel, and especi

Herm, Hermanator, Monkey Boy
Attention, traveling in car, sun puddles, his chair,time spent in backyard
Not being an only cat, being brushed, left at home when we travel
Favorite Foods
Loves tuna but has chronic fire pee (UTI's) so it's a rare treat. Loves Dreamies and rib-eye steak.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on my desk or in his chair, hunting bugs, chasing toads

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