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Meet Sammy Bear

The Tabby
Jen Glendora, California

Hi, I'm Sammy. I'm fat and I'm fuzzy. My momma adopted me from her neighbor who wasn't very nice to me. I had dirty hair, bad ears, and chin acne, but Momma fixed me up and she loves me so much. I love bird watching, cuddling with my human momma, scratching up the  furniture, eating, sleeping, and hanging out with my friends. My favorite colors are black & white and I love my zebra striped bed, and blankey on my bed I share with my human momma. I recently launche

approximately 3 years young.
"Sam", "Sammy Bear", "Sam Bam", and "Bear".
Drinking out of the bathtub faucet.
When my momma leaves me at home while she goes to work.
Favorite Foods
Colorful pellets my momma puts in my food bowl, and bugs.
Favorite Pastimes

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