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Meet Tootsie and Nilla

The Ragamuffin and Ragdoll Persian
Cynthia Blaine Longwood FL

Nilla is a incredible cat. Loves to be loved.. he loves laying on his back and if water is involved he loves water..His legal name is Vanilla. I adopted Nilla and his brother Tootsie about a year ago. Tootsie is a Ragamuffin. They came from two different breeds but they are incepricible. Tootsie loves to watch TV  espically Disney movies, which I have videos of him watching them.My little boys are so adorable and they are both 3 years old.

3 yrs
Nilla Tootsie
Playing in water and Treats Snuggling and playing with their toys.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting on the porch watching lizards and watching TV

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