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Meet Moses

The Domestic Shorthair
Danielle Davis Lindenhurst, NY

Moe came into my life in January after my last kitty passed from the horrible FelV.  Though Moe is a different cat entirely, he has brought new joy and love into my life.  He has the face and stature of a lion, especially when he's "hunting".  He plays all day, and all night... and is a 20 pound bundle of fun!  He is an indoor cat, and today was his first trip into the bushes.  When he saw a bird for the first time, his eyes locked in!  So we luckil

Moe, Moses, MoMo, Moby
Food, Water (to drink), toys, the computer chair, being held by mommy
Any spray bottle, being cornered, too many face kisses
Favorite Foods
Salmon, Cream Cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Running back and forth from one end of the house to the other repeatedly to look out every window and door to see what's going on.

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