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Meet Toulouse Latrec

The Longhair
Erika M. Lemoore

My cat is black with white paws and toes and has very long whiskers.Toulouse loves to be held like a baby in my arms and does not like being held any other way. Hes an indoor cat but loves to stare out the window and has a huge collection of kitty toys. He also loves to be held upside down for some silly reason I do not know. My cat cries when im away but as soon as I walk through the door my cat runs to my arms!

1 year and 5 months
Tutus, Toozies, Twos, Handsome baby, Babycakes
His kitty toys, soft chairs, ice cream, popsicles, Jack In The Box ranch
Baths, being alone
Favorite Foods
Soft kitty treats
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, playing

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