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Meet missy moo

The not sure
cynthia and dennis gresham

this picture was randomly taken when i saw her staring at me for no reason! My lil girl. So what if shes hairy ;) .Missy is 4 years old. She is a spoiled lil mama. :) she loves wet food and playing with home made toys rather than store bought. She sleeps under the blankets with us and will pat your face to get under. She loves to be on your lap when you use the bathroom and will scoop her food out her bowl to eat each individual piece. :) she is my sons best friend.

moo moo, mama, eggy (korean word for baby)
attention, playing fetch,sleeping on me in bed
outside :/
Favorite Foods
fancy feast appitizers. bugs!!! lol.. if they dont scare her...
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping,playing while on catnip,being cute! duh! ;)

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