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Meet Junior

The domestic shorthair
J Morris

This is Junior. He is inseparable from his brother, Little Man, whom he often leads into somewhat perilous and perhaps ill-advised situations. He is fond of rolling in dirty litter boxes and encourages his brother to do the same. He throws himself wholeheartedly into his hobbies and interests, and he’s been known to spend up to 20 minutes actually maneuvering a heavy platter over the edge of the kitchen counter. Onto the floor, yes. There are perhaps a few concerns about how much time h

22 months
Junie, JuneBug, Lil June, Buggy Boy, Junasaurus Wrecks
Friskies, frazzing (random fits of high excitement), and his brother Little Man
Being removed from the pantry, harmonicas, & being separated from his brother
Favorite Foods
Anything edible. And stink bugs.
Favorite Pastimes
Hiding in the pantry where you can't reach him, then pushing food off shelves with his head.

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