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Meet Winky

The Domestic Short-Hair
AJ Moultrie, GA, USA

We recieved Winky from our house's previous owners. After they moved, she traveled all the way back here (many times), so eventually they gave up and allowed her to stay here. She soon became our own cat, and we couldn't be happier! 

Winky is the sweetest, ditsiest cat you'll ever meet. She dashes up and down stairs, runs under couches if a door opens, and rolls around on the floor for no reason. Her and Cassie (our other cat) run around play fighting all the time. Wa

Around 6 or 7
Winkers, Winky-Dink
Being played with, Running around, and playing with Cassie
Belly rubs, and the dark
Favorite Foods
Anything! (Even salt and vinegar potato chips)
Favorite Pastimes
Rolling around, Eating, and play fighting with Cassie

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