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Meet Cassie

The Bicolor "Tuxedo" Cat
AJ Moultrie, GA, USA

She showed up walking down our driveway one day, and we've loved her ever since. She is a very finicky cat, but loves to have her belly rubbed.  She loves to play fight with our other cat, Winky, and is very talkative when it comes to food. Every night, she'll sit by me at the dinner table, patiently waiting for me to finish eating. She never climbs onto the table or tries to eat my food. She is simply the most wellmannered cat I have ever met.

10 years
Belly rubs, Sleeping, and sitting in the middle of the room
Over petting, Too much attention
Favorite Foods
Bacon, Bacon, and more BACON
Favorite Pastimes
Lying down right where people are walking

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