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Meet Fluffy

Sara and Joan Stamford, CT

This is Fluffy, she's about 8 years old as the vet says. She was found by a lovely family when she wandered into their backyard with her 4 kittens. She was a very skinny, talkative mother who just needed some love.  She lives in Connecticut with one of her kittens named Patches (who isn't a kitten anymore), and is healthy as can be now weighing in at 15 pounds. She enjoys talking and keeping conversations going. She loves sleeping, and getting fed every time she demands food.

Fluff, Fluffball, Fluffernutter, Baby
eating, wet food, treats, scratching magazine basket, looking out window at neighbors and birds, sitting on mom's lap, rubbing up against mom when she has black pants on
when mom yells, not getting any fresh roast chicken, "the purple monster" aka purple vacuum cleaner, getting nails clipped
Favorite Foods
anything fishy smelling (the stinkier the better), Paul Newmans wet and dry food, Wellness indoor cat formual dry food, tuna, Trader Joes canned cat food, any and all kinds of treats
Favorite Pastimes
playing with toys, sleeping

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