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Meet Bella Luna

The Chocolate point Siamese
Yvonne Sanger Keystone Heights, Florida

When Bella was approx 4 weeks old she was found by a lady who saw Bella's mom get tipped by a car an ran off without Bella. The woman picked Bella up an noticed the kitten was all twisted so she drove her to the Melrose Animal Clinic to be euthanized, I was there with three stays that i was getting shots for. 

I wanted to see the kitten so i asked Dr. Marilyn to let me hold her, the response was "she's not adoptable Mrs. Sanger" then she let me hold her, Love at

Approx. 6 months old
"Stinky Butt", Baby
to cuddle, scoot around with toys full of catnip
Bella needs to have her butt rinsed daily or she will smell and she puts up a fight, she doesn't like it at all.
Favorite Foods
Purina Kitten Chow, Purina Fancy Feast chicken & Turkey
Favorite Pastimes
taking long naps, being groomed by our Cockatoo, Speedo.

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