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Meet Roza Grant

The tortoise shell
Melody Grant Melbourne, Florida

Roza Grant is an extremely affectionate, lovable cat. She loves wearing dresses, playing with strings, feather toys and catnip. She loves having her photo taken and has her own facebook page. She is the most vocal cat i have ever had and meows constantly, this is why she had been placed in a shelter by her original owners. Luckily she had only been there three days before i got there! I love that she meows all the time, it lets me know that she is safe and still in the house. She is extremely

Catnip, feather toys, string, shoelaces, places she can hide, high places, cute collars, and dresses, and our dog (surprizingly)
not getting attention, loud noises, and being held for more then ten seconds.
Favorite Foods
deli cat, pounce treats
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping on the windowsill, catnip, and meowing.

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