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Meet Poncey Presidente

The Domestic Short-Hair
Tayna Gardner Atlanta, GA

Poncey Presidente showed up at a friend's door on a beautiful Autumn day.  She was very small and malnourished and had grown tired of the hard street life.  She immediately took a liking to human affection and was ready to give up her vagrant past for a lifestyle of attention and fancy clothing (seen in the picture in her Elizabethan best).  She has grown into a lovely young woman and is playful and affectionate to all humans who enter her domain.  Although she was bur

~ 1 year
Ponce, Sweetheart, S%&^head
Morning cuddles, sitting in plants, chasing my brother, hats and clothing, posing in the window and waiting for mama to come home
things that take away attention from ME!
Favorite Foods
Tuna, chicken, expensive food, flowers
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, chasing my brother, knocking things over when mama's not paying attention to me

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