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Meet Camille Pussakowskiy VanderWhiskers

The American Wirehair Mix
Jill Musarskiy White Plains, NY

Camille Pussakowskiy grew up on the mean streets and in foster homes.  When the Great Kitty War broke out, she volunteered overseas as a Red Cross nurse.  It was there that she met Thom VanderWhiskers (of the North Shore VanderWhiskers) when he was placed under her care in the hospital.  As she nursed his wounds, they fell in love and were married as soon as they were able.  Tragically, Thom fell in the line of duty, leaving Camille alone again.  She returned statesid

4 1/2
The Moozle
Attention, paw massages, being brushed, belly rubs
Having her nails clipped
Favorite Foods
Anything served on a golden plate
Favorite Pastimes
Lying in the sun, playing with toys, jumping on the bed

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