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Meet PK

The Tabby
Magnus Reid-Russell Toronto

P.K.is her real name after a hockey player who is a rough and tumble kind of player. P.K, was the only surviving kitten of a Feral cat we have now claimed too ! M.C. (Mummy Cat) had difficult labour almost died, but vet managed to save her, but not the kittens, unfortunately. P.K actually saved her mum, if it wasn't for her crying, I would of not know of the litter.....So, we are one big happy family, P.K., M.C., Matt the Katt (another adoption), people moved away and left him??, Phooca B

Pretty Kitty, Psycho Kitty,
Treats,Dogs,Toy Mice,her squirrely friends, some cats ;)
NOT being allowed OUT !!
Favorite Foods
Chicken !
Favorite Pastimes
Looking out window at Squirrels and Birds

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