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Meet Seamus

The Domestic Shorthair Tuxedo
Carrie Chicago, IL

Seamus is my unique little guy. He was born with a small tail that can throw off his balance but that doesn't stop him from wanting to play! He loves when people come to visit and he always hams it up in front of them by playing and head-butting for pets.

He takes very good care of his sister, Hortense, who was recently dianosed with hyperthyroidism and kidney disease.

He is very, very cuddly and very much a momma's boy.

Moo Moo
Playing, eating, sleeping, lots of pets.
Loud noises like the door buzzer or hairdryer
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Milk, Hummus, Salmon
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with mommy and his sister, Hortense

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