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Meet Finn

The KittyKitty (maybe some Maine Coon)
Deanna South Berwick, Maine

Hi! I'm Finn. Also known as Finnick, Finley Kitty, Kitty Kitty, and sometimes Baby Boy Finn. 

A week ago today I spent the night in an oxygen tank at an emergency care clinic and found out that my 2 year old heart is not being very nice to me. The stranger-humans that were taking care of me said some words like Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy somethingerother, and Secondary Congestive Heart Failure yadda yadda. I have no idea what all those words mean, but I do understand the bor

Finley Kitty, Finnigan, Finchenzo, Kittykitty
Climbing trees. Playing with "da bird" toy.
Being stuck inside. And that dog that comes to visit sometimes.
Favorite Foods
The canned stuff.
Favorite Pastimes
Napping in my favorite chair by the fireplace.

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