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Meet Slick

The Tabby
Holly Nicole Reed Asheboro, North Carolina

we rescued Slick from a pet shop which sounds far fetched but the owners of the shop had rescued slick and his siblings from the pound where they were to be euthenized at only 2 months old!! The conditions they had the kittens kept in were terrible almost in a cage the size for a rabbit. my husband wasnt a cat person at all but the first time he heard slick meow as a kitten that all changed; now hes a daddys boy (:

11 months
Slicky poo
Pounce kitty treats, ear scrathces, window naps
baths, dogs and the vacume
Favorite Foods
Special Kitty kibble, pounce treats, cheese and deer burger
Favorite Pastimes
bird watching , cuddling with daddy, playing with my toy mouse and chasing birds outside

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