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Meet Kitty

The Domestic short hair
Beth Goose Creek

Kitty was sitting at a shelter at just six months old. We weren't planning on adopting him, but ever since then he has been a mommy's cat. He's one of the sweetest fur babies I've ever had. He loves to give head butts and is always purring. Even with the recent bladder issues he's been having. Nothing gets Kitty down!

18 months
Moo Moo, Kittery, McKitten
Ribbons, Catnip, Heating pads, Rubber bands.
When mom brings home new animals.
Favorite Foods
Gold fish crackers, McDonalds chicken nuggets, any cheese pasta, raw fish, (sushi grade) treats!
Favorite Pastimes
Touching peoples food, playing in the toilet, smelling mom's new products, (just to make sure their up to his standards) attacking the dog and rabbit, sleeping.

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