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Meet Kiara

The Toyget
Courtney West Palm Beach Florida

Kiara is a 6 month old Toyger breed. She is extremely effectionate and playful as well. She greats you at the door when you come home and even offers tons of kisses with her little scratchy tongue! Her favorite activity is playing in water and even goes for swims in the bathtub!

6 Months
Kiara loves to play in the water as often as she can. She also loves to hang out in the garage with Daddy. Kiara has made friends with the neighborhood dogs and loves to go outside to greet them everyday!
One thing Kiara dislikes in the lawnmower and the blower. She hides under the covers in bed when the lawn maintenance guys come to the house
Favorite Foods
Kiaras favorite food is tuna!
Favorite Pastimes
Kiara's favorite pastime activity is to chase the bugs on the patio

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