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Meet Draven

The Dollface Silver-Tabby Persian
Keisha & Clint Stough Persia

Draven who also has many alias (like: "Dave") is an adorable 9yr old silver-tabby dollface persian. He adores 'treats' and will come running when he hears anything resembling the word! He has 6 other siblings including: 4 other furry feline friends & 2 ador-a-bull bulldog buddies. His Mama is a Veterinary Technician at a very awesome special needs cat sanctuary in Nashua, IA. named C & W Rustic Hollow shelter-check them out on Facebook!

9 (6/8/2004) Gemini
Dave, David, Punky, Little Man, and Drave
TREATS! plastic bags, and cardboard boxes of any size
not enough sleep...
Favorite Foods
Iams, kitty treats of all flavors, and cookies & cream ice-cream (as a special treat!)
Favorite Pastimes
treats, naptimes, and waking the parents everymorning!

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