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Meet Belle

The Unknown
Leeann Boone Hartford,WI

Meow! My name is Belle and I'm an 11 month old kitty! I was born on April 14,2012 which is ofcourse the 100th Anniversary of the night that the RMS Titanic hit Iceberg that eventually sunk her. Well mom being the Titanic nut that she is descided that I am now named in memory of Joseph Belle who was the ships engineer. It only took her almost a whole year to figure this out to!

11 months
Lady Belle,Squeakers,Ding Dong, Ding A Ling
Temptations Cookout Mixups,her bear,her Chetah,her green chair,her chair in my room,my blankets,her kennel,Mac and Cheese,Ice Cubes
Strangers,Going down to the neighbors apartment
Favorite Foods
Kit N Kaboodle, Mac And Cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, Playing with mom, attacking grandpa when he's not expecting me to

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