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Meet Franklin

The Manx
Zoe Tiverton, RI

My name is Franklin, and I'm a Manx cat, which means I have no tail - but trust me, the ladies still love me. I'm pretty handsome, if I do say so myself, with my beautiful grey and white stripes and all. I've mastered the art of cuteness since realizing that I get more treats when I do cute stuff, like not tearing up the toilet paper or stealing my mom's scarves. I enjoy cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes; plastic bags; long lengths of string; nibbling on toes;

1.5 years
Frankster, Frank-a-nator, Frank-a-licious, Frankylin
long lengths of string, running out the open front door, catnip, biting unsuspecting sleepers' toes, watching birds from the window, eating treats and hiding in the dishwasher.
the Vet, nail clippers, being subject to the kitty burrito when said nail clippers are present.
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast Appetizers (all tuna or white meat chicken only, please!)
Favorite Pastimes
shakin my nub tail like I just don't care, long naps - preferrably in the sunshine, playing in plastic bags and cardboard boxes, sneaking out the front door and running amok in the basement and hallway.

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