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Meet Ninja

The Tuxedo
Tracy Meyer Edison, NJ

Ninja will be 1 year in April. She's got a great personality! She's very social and loves the dog. In fact she feeds him anything she can give him including his dog bones, mail, and tissue paper. She tries to also get him fed more than his standard twice per day by waking up family members to feed the dog. Everyone loves her and she sleeps when people pet her during naptime ... when ya gotta nap, ya gotta nap. 

11 Months
Ninj, Ninji, Ninja Bella, Little Ninji Bear, Singy Ninjy, Baby Ninj
The bathtub(dry), the sink(dry), Oscar the dog, Salmon Blue Buffalo, Whipped Cream, Plastic Outlet Baby Protectors - the ones you push into outlets to kid proof them.
Water. "Swing Swing" (A game her Aunt Lisa plays with her)
Favorite Foods
Salmon, duck, whipped cream (when she can steal it)
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing the dog, hitting the dog, feeding the dog, waking everyone up at 5am and snuggling mom.

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