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Meet Bicho

The Maine Coon
Airi Galicia Moreno Valley, Ca

This is Bicho the Cat. You may know him from his facebook page where he shares his everyday life, and his plans to world domination. His minons love him very much, and though he doesn't show it much, he appreciates them too. His best friend is a German Shepherd dog named Sheila, who is only a couple weeks younger than he is. He was abandoned in an alley behind some stores, in a box with 3 other siblings, an I took him in. Unfortunetly the rest where taken to the shelter where their future

6 and a half months.
World Domination, his many minions, sleeping, his best friend Sheila, watching Doctor Who
Baths, mean people, people who abandoned animals
Favorite Foods
Cat food, chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, Hanging out in his tree house.

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