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Meet Hiro

The Malaysiana Tabby
Habikah Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hiro loves travelling in the car so much. He will be the first to reach the car whenever me and my husband going out. He will jump on the car so we won't be able to move the car until he finally can get in. That's my husband taking Hiro' photo spontaneously while he's eagerly trying to get in the car. His favourite spot is near the window for him to be able to see the view. He also have already learnt the sit trick! He's our special! So I'm sharing with you all animal lover how adorable and full
1 year 2 months
Hiroshima Nagasaki (when he get too naughty)
getting inside the car, hunting, sleeping on your laptop when you're doing something
vacuum cleaning, water spray
Favorite Foods
fresh meat especially fish and beef, anything salty,
Favorite Pastimes
playing in our garden, watching people working (painting/washing/anything)

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