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Meet Spiderman

The Siamese/DSH
Noel Barger Phoenix, AZ

I saw your Valentines promotion. I realized that this is the very first Valentines Day in sixteen years without my best friend and soulmate companion Spiderman. As he passed away in August 2012. I don't have any other animals, right now, but plan to be found by a kitten or cat like "Spidey" chose me. I never loved any non-human creature like I loved him. I loved him like my children. I  have a couple photos of him that are VERY worthy to any cat lover's eye and I would

photographed at 8 years of age
Spidey, PooZoo, EEEEK, Baby Spidey
hunting spiders and lizards, crunchy treats, walks and swimming with owner
smoke, loud people, owner's motorcycles, bad people
Favorite Foods
#1 Angel Food Cake, sliced/diced or shredded dinners every night
Favorite Pastimes
guarding house, being a "kitty-bear" for owner's Son and later with owner, just hanging out with "Mom" at home and her home office/ranch

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