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Meet Frankie

The Blue point tabby mix
Rebecca and Lissie Mayo Charlotte,NC
I like to sing,it's how I got my name,and I also have beautiful blue eyes,so I've been told. I get along with other kitties. I love toys and my favorite one is called an urchin ball,they're shiny and fluffy,until I get them. I love to make my mommy and anyone else play toss. I bring it to them and look at them to keep tossing it.They call it fetch,but we know who's really is in control. I'm not quite a year old,so yeah I still have so much to learn and explore.
10 months
Frank-tank,Frankenfur,blue eyes
kitty treats I will sing for them,and urchin balls,oh and cat nip,cheese
very loud people,cold floors,
Favorite Foods
chicken,turkey,seafood, cheese,and my noms
Favorite Pastimes
playing toss,sleeping,wrestling with my brother and sister kitties,giving love to the humans

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