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Meet Abbey Road

The Marble Tabby
Ann Brumbaugh and Daniel Thayer Tucson, Arizona

After losing Tiger Lily, my 'baby' of almost 15 years, my fiance, Daniel, surprised me with our Abbey-cat. The day after Thanksgiving, he went 'shopping' with my mom to pull off the surprise. I thought he was getting a TV! But I came home instead to Daniel holding Abbey in his arms...I dropped my purse & bags and held out my arms, with tears in my eyes, to hold our new 'baby'. Daniel and my mom had gone to Petsmart, where they were holding pet adoptions from animal

1 year, 1 month
Abbey-girl, Abbey-cat, Princess, Baby girl, Poopsie, 'Abbey Stop It'
Her furry white ball, ribbon, plastic milk rings, sleeping on her back, licking our noses, waking us up at 4 am, drinking from the bathroom faucet, feet
Blowing in her face to get her to stop pawing at you at 4am
Favorite Foods
Iams dry, Fancy Feast wet, salmon cat treats, peanut butter
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on her back, looking out the window and meowing at everyone who goes by, attacking feet, shoes, going into 'crazy cat' mode and racing around the house

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