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Meet Ally McBeal

The Tabby
Lori Tucker Red Deer,Alberta

Ally was dumped at the vets suffering from an extremely bad case of ear mites.After an investigation was done we were able to adopt her.As a kitten she was very naughty...she would wind the toilet paper around all the kitchen chair legs and learned to open the fridge...baby lock time!!

Now she is rarther lazy and actually got up to 28 lbs.Diet time..she has lost almost 10 lbs.

She loves being where ever I am and sleeps with me every night.She is truly the love of my life and m

Eating,going out on the deck with me,playing with her 'red" ball/
Favorite Foods
What the vet recommends!!But she does like a bit of cheese and yogurt.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping and having a bath!!

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