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Meet Ben

The Bengal
Colin and Christi Hocking Charlotte, NC

Ben is a rescued Bengal, who spent the first year of his life in a cage, in a dark, damp basement, as a stud for a Bengal "breeder".  He was recused by Cabarrus Cares in Concord, NC, and we were blessed he chose us when we went to meet him at Kitty City in Concord, NC.  We sometimes think he doesn't really know how to be a cat.  He's a hoot, and a blessing to both of us. He's a beautiful boy!

Bennie Boo, Bennicus Caticus
Sleeping in the sun, chatting with the birds, chasing his "sister" Lizzie
Thunder and the vacuum
Favorite Foods
Bonito flakes, canned tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, making biscuits on "dad's" lap, THEN sleeping

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