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Meet Sonny

The DSH orange tabby
Lora DelTufo Forked River, NJ

My Sonny was under my porch the night before Hurricane Sandy hit our area. I took him in and he was fed, warm and comfortable,watching the storm through my sons bedroom window. We were very Thankful that we only lost power for a few days, and part of our fence.

He has no from claws and has been neutered, so he must have been someones pet. I put up flyers and called local animal shelters, but no one ever claimed him.

He has adjusted very well here and doesn't mind his new b

2-3 year ?
Sunny bun
mealtimes, playing in his hideaway cat tent, treats and sleeping on the bed!
He doesnt like My mario cat very much, but sometimes I catch them sleeping near each other on the bed.
Favorite Foods
Friskies wet food, and Friskies party mix treats
Favorite Pastimes
He loves to hang out in his kitty tent and swat at anyone or anything that walks by

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