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Meet Cat Von D

The American Shorthair/Unknown
Briana Ellsworth Corpus Christi, TX

This is my sweet baby, Cat Von D. I rescued her from my friend's backyard when she was a little kitten, and I've had her ever since. She loves to cuddle, but my boyfriend is allergic..so I sneak catnaps with her in bed when he isn't around. I know, horrible, but I can't help it!

I took this during one of our secret naps. I thought it was just the cutest picture of her.


Fun Fact: Cat Von D also has a Facebook page.

About 5 or 6
Cat, Kitty
Catnaps, eating, cuddling, playing with her doggy friend Indy (even if Indy's not up for it)
Not being the center of attention
Favorite Foods
Tuna, chicken, Blue Wilderness grain free kibbles, all kinds of kitty treats
Favorite Pastimes
Naps, playing with hair ties, cuddling, snacking

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