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Meet chase Daniel Johnson

The Siamese
Kimberly & Kevin Johnson Odessa, tx
Hi this is Chase Daniel Johnson his a lovy Dobby.. Soo sweets and very smart.. His 8 months ols love food as much we do lol. Love to play laser tag and his mouse toy, sometimes he loves to climb the closet wall Yeap! The closet wall it's funny how he can do that, he loves to watch some TV shows like family feud and the NFL game yes! He just stairs at it lol.. The cute thing bout him is that he makes a weird noise wen we are eating lol I don't know why maybe he's imagining that he's eating... But
8 months
lil baby, Chichi, puchy boo
laser toy, mouse toy, the a/c, climb the closet wall
hot stuffs, staying still, being ignore
Favorite Foods
popcorn, hamburger, chocolate, breed, ramen noodles, milk, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
sleep and eat

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