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Meet Jack

The roamed the dark of night. So Jack is a mix of a lovely Mother and a scoundral for a Father. er was a no good rotten tom cat who roamed the dark of night. a no good
Hazel "Toody" Serrano Hesperia, Ca

Jack was born in our garage to a ferel Mother, at about 2 days old it was discovered that Jack could not get to his mother to nurse. We had to make a decision to keep Jack alive or have him put to sleep. As you can see we kept him alive. Jack has no use of his back end. I have to feed him,  'he can not stand up.' and he can not use a sand box,  I have a kennel and I help him in there. He is absolutely in need of my care. Jack is my Baby.

6 years in March
He loves treats of course. He is SPOILED ROTTEN and not only "likes" to be cuddled but "LOVES" to be cuddled.oVES

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