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Meet Lintty Lou

The Domestic short hair/ bermeese
Celeste Creston

Hi my name is Lintty Lou, but my friends call my Lint. I am a burmese cross. I live with my Nanna and Pappa right now in a small town in British Columbia because my mom is at school.

I want to tell you all about my life...

When I was a baby I was taken from my mommy and put in this dark bag with my sister. We could not see anything but we could hear. We were carried to what I now know must have been the car ( I know this form many trips to the vet). We

chooie, king kitty cat, fluffy bum
sitting on grandpas lap while he watches TV. sleeping on grandmas side of the bed, warming my toes on the heating vents, playing with my baby human cousin maddi, and pestering the dog
getting my toes wet, getting kicked of grandmas side of the bed, anyone messing up my hair, when the big dog gives me kisses
Favorite Foods
tuna juice and left overs
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping and sitting with grandpa tony,and hunting, riding around on my moms sholder

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