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Meet Forever

The Mixed
Dan Donahue Grants Pass, Oregon

Forever is full of love, and is sensitive and spoiled in many ways.  She doesn't just like to be held, she NEEDS to be held.  She will snuggle in your arms purring loudly for as long as you let her, and often will not cooperate when you try to put her down.  She always comes when called...  unless she is mad at you for saying "no" or "bad cat"... in which case she will avoid you for hours.  Sometimes, I get a strong feeling that I am the one be

9 months
Beiing held, brushed, and talked to softly.
The word "no."
Favorite Foods
cheese, chicken , turkey, tuna, pork of any kind, beef, local birds and mice, Alley Cat cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with her sister. Digging in the front yard. Bird watching.

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