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Meet Freyja

The Sphynx
Jessica Kelley Phoenix

My name is Freyja and i am a not so hairless Sphynx. My mommy rescued me when i was 1 1/2 years old from someone who couldn't breed me because i was born with a few patches of hair. My mommy tells me every day that i am perfect. I am black and white and i love to suck on my tail. I walk on a leash very well and i go to work with mommy at her pet store almost every day. I LOVE my dog friends and other kittes too :)

2 1/2
Kid, Kid Kid
eating raw turkey necks,eating anything really, going to work with mom, wearing new clothes and meeting new canine friends
I'm not sure there is anything i dislike. well except for maybe when mom takes me out of the bath tub... i get really tough then. I am very easy going and love new environments and situations... adventure time!
Favorite Foods
raw turkey necks, ham, treats
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping under the sheets and climbing on things... oh and eating.

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