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Meet Smudge

The Balinese
Linda Munro Collins Center

Smudge is smart, but at times I think he is either a dog, since he heels and fetches, or a child, since he doesn't stop 'talking', especially when being scolded! We have (far too many) cats that we have rescued, "fixed" and tried to find homes for, but ended up homeless (living with my husband & I). Smudge is an emotional cat, when he is happy, he 'sings', when he is sad, he 'cries' and when he is mad, he is a terror!  He is also a great jum

7 Months
Doggie, Poor Baby
Everything, especially corn on the cob
People moving when he is cuddling
Favorite Foods
Friskies canned mixed with Dads dry
Favorite Pastimes
Seeing how far he can jump to get on someone's shoulder

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