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Meet Lily

The Shorthaired Moggy
Hayley Mardle Luton

I rescued Lily from a college after finding her cold, dirty,very tiny, shy, lost and confused. I took her in and went through many rescue centres aiming to find her home, she was not microchipped and had no collar, I hoped someone would come forward as she is such a beautiful cat. After a few weeks with no owner found I decided that id just have to keep her, it was love at first sight. I later found out she was roughly 6 months old when I found her and was likely put and left at the college h

9 months
Lily Bee
Cuddles, radiators, balls, baths, cupboards and a big double bed
Favorite Foods
Tuna, chicken and lots of biscuits!
Favorite Pastimes
Always sleeping holding her tail tightly with all four paws!

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