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Meet Rotten

The American Shorthair
Patricia Bugg Middleburg, Ohio

Rotten got his name as a kitten when he became sneaky and learned how to tear open kitty treat packages... He loves to go on walks around our 8 acre property with me and LOVES to pose for photos.. He had a fraternal twin named Moe who was identical except Moe had extremely long hair. Rotten loves to romp & play with our dogs and our other cats... He also loves to race to the front door and hang out in the garage with my husband...Rotten was born October 13, 2008.

4 Yrs
Rotten, Yellow Boy
Tearing Open Treat packages, homegrown catnip, Mountain Dew
We have yet to find anything that Rotten doesn't like
Favorite Foods
Kit 'n Kaboodle, cat treats of any kind, pizza, french fries, & string cheese
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, walking around the property, roll around in the garage

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