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Meet Gremlin

The Domestic Long-Haired
Zoe & Hristina London

Gremlin is the queen of our household! She likes travelling through the house on your shoulders, pushing things off the table and licking your toes when you come out of shower. She is an undiscovered football superstar and also secret Empress of Humankind. In her spare time, she likes to cuddle and sleep on your laptop. She dislikes the expensive toys her humans buy her and the Wii, which seems to take too much attention away from her. 

Penny, Penny Lane, Grem, Gremsky, Monkey
Post-its, toes, Oreos (when no one is looking), drinking water from your glass
Big lorries, the Wii, the vacuum, having people put stars on her paws
Favorite Foods
Norwegian salmon Iams, crisps, Oreos, butter, feta
Favorite Pastimes
Reminiscing, cuddling, biting, chasing strings

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