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Meet Clyde Dale Jones

The Flame point Ragdoll
Lindsey Jones San Clemente, Ca

Hello world! I'm Clyde, a frisky but sweet feline who relishes in the many luxuries of being a cat.  I will let you hold me for hours and never say a peep, what more could my humans ask for?

Almost three
Bootsberry, muffin butt, puffins, and oh so many more
Sleeping in moms lap for hours on end, pestering my sister, Marla, licking ice cream off my moms spoon, sitting in boxes that are way too small for me, hiding in paper bags and chasing thin air
The word "No" and when my sister is on moms lap already
Favorite Foods
Cranberry juice, ice cream, beef jerky, plain yogurt, milk(duh, of course)
Favorite Pastimes
Lounging in precarious locations, sun bathing, creeping up on my sister when she least expects it

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