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Meet Wart

Amanda Wells Odessa, Tx

Wart was rescued from my husband's work. We have no idea how she got there because it's out in the middle of nowhere. She fit right in with our other cats Mange, Scab and Tumor. She has lot of energy and is an mini Tumor. They act just a like. She loves treats and will play with just about anything. She also poses for pictures which our other cats don't really like to. She doesn't meow much but when she does it is really raspy. I think something is wrong with her voice but we

4 months
Wart, Warty
Treats, any food, running, climbing, playing, pose for pictures
other people, being held, getting a bath
Favorite Foods
tuna flakes, dehydrated chicken
Favorite Pastimes
hiding under couch, sleeping in weird positions

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