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Meet Henry

Angela V Alachua

My name is Henry aka Henny Pen.

I am almost 13 years old and I am diabetic (aka sugar kitty).

I have lived with my mom and dad since I was 6 weeks old.

I have 2 brothers and I still like to play with my toys like a kitten.

Some of my favorite things are catnip, Fancy Feast, my toys, my mom and dad, my kitty brothers, snuggling and lying in a sunny spot.

Henny Pen, HP, Brother Penette, Hen Pen Penette, Bisquiter
toys, catnip, Fancy Feast, Bonita flakes, mom & dad, my kitty brothers, sleeping, playing, snuggling
insulin shots, eye drops
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast chicken feast, fresh chicken breast, fresh salmon
Favorite Pastimes
playing with toys, sleeping, eating, spending time with mom

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