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Meet Sammy

The Maine Coon
Julie Rodeheaver Jacksonville,FL

Sammy used to live outside. At one time we thought he was a girl cat. The boy cats kept trying to mate with him. Seriously! So because we didn't want anymore kittens around we took him in and took him to the Vet. That is when we found out he was a little boy. That didn't matter to me and my parents though. Now he has been part of our kitty clan for 11 years.

11 years old
Sam the Man, Sammule, mulish, Muley one
His privacy, my parents bed, the closed in back porch, squeaky toys
Being chased by Molly and LeeLee
Favorite Foods
Friskies wet food of the chicken kind
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping under my parents bed to have peace from the younger cats

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