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Meet Ella

Kerri Smith Lawrenceville, NJ

Ella is a pretty, sweet 6 year old black kitty.  She loves sleeping with me and isn't sure that she wants two naughty younger brothers.  She has to share her home with those naughty brothers and a very well behaved dog.  She loves chasing her kibbles.  If they are just sitting in a food bowl, they're no fun.  She is also the very smartest cat I've ever known.  She can open any door, closet or cupboard.

Ellie, Ellie belly
snuggling with me, chasing her food, suprise attacks on her brothers
Being attacked by her brothers, being chased by the dog Lucy, food sitting in a bowl
Favorite Foods
Hill's t/d, the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl
Favorite Pastimes
"Chasing" her dry food, teasing youger "brothers"

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