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Meet Sparky

The Tuxedo Cat
Zoe Shelby Northeast

Sparky is a cute frisky cat. He is absulotley adorable! His Santa suit makes him super mad. He hates it be I love it. He's getting in the holiday spirit. He's so fluffy and he is black and white. He's very bad; he breaks glasses and breaks decorations for the holidays. He loves when you scratch on the furniture it will make him pounce. When his eyes get big it's sooo cute! He eats ALOT of food he is one of the 5 cats that I have to get to the food bowls 1st. He is really fat h

Sparklez,Sparkydoodle,Squiggy,Weirdo,SparkyClaus(on holidays), Sparktor, Sparkyies, Sparks
Looking out the window, Breaking things, Looking out the window, Geting in the tub and sits on the side of it when your in there(ha ha), Playing, Using cat-nip
Belly rubs, Real baths, Fleas, Being sprayed w/ water
Favorite Foods
Pounce cat treats, 9 lives, Chicken, Milk, Tuna & tuna juice, Fish, Crab
Favorite Pastimes
Playing, Looking Out The window, Naping, Eating

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