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Meet Dori

The Maine Coon Mix
Irania Windsor, CA

I saw a cat roaming around my house, so I started feeding her. Little by little, she began to trust me and eventually learned to love me. What I didn't know was that she was expecting kittens. One day on the last week of school, May 30th of 2012, I came home to find my cat, Kitty, next to two kittens, which I named Dori and Alaska. Although I love them all equally, I have to recognize that Dori was a fast learner. I still can't believe almost six months have passed since her birth. Sh

5 months 2 weeks
Mama, Dowie
To cuddle, but only in the morning.
People holding her.
Favorite Foods
tuna & shrimp flavor Gourmet (Brand: Special Kitty)
Favorite Pastimes
Sleep, play, and scratch our new leather couch. Ouch!

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