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Meet Kidoo

The American Short Hair- Bob tail
My daughter Kiana- her best friend Ft. Myers, Florida

Kidoo is a very loving cat. She treats my daughter like she was her own daughter. And calls her to bed at night. She talks to my daughter by meowing everytime she meows. Kidoo is sick right now and we are not sure if she is going to make it. Only time and a trip to the vet will tell. But I loved this photo and I wanted to share it with everyone. Hope you love it.

my daughter lol, she is very attached and treats her like a baby. She also LOVES to play with gloves IDK?! lol
she hate argueing, and the doorbell, makes her growl LOL
Favorite Foods
LOVES shrimp flavored food and STRING CHEESE, she can hear the wrapper a mile away!! LOL
Favorite Pastimes
Throughing gloves in the air and cleaning her self

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